The locations are listed for each series, and we have recorded all those that have been identified.
Several scenes would be filmed at one location for each different episodes for that series - this is still common practice and saves production costs.

We have listed the Ordnance Survey map references should you wish to track some of these down yourselves. It must be noted that many of these locations are location on a Ministry of Defence restricted area or private property, and therefore visiting is not always possible. 

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Series One

The Anchor Hotel, Thetford
(The Man and the Hour)
West Tofts, Stanta MoD
(The Man and the Hour, Museum Piece, The Showing Up of Corporal Jones, The Enemy Within the Gates)
West Tofts Camp, Stanta MoD
(Museum Piece, Shooting Pains)
Ferngate Farm, Weeting
(Museum Piece)
Newtown, Thetford
(Museum Piece, The Showing Up Of Corporal Jones, Shooting Pains)
Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk
(Museum Piece, Command Decision)
Fitzwilliam Mansions, Richmond
(Command Decision)
Buckenham Tofts
(Command Decision, Man Hunt, The Big Parade)
St Mary's Church, Thetford
(The Showing Up Of Corporal Jones, Shooting Pains)
Stanta MoD Assault Course
(The Showing Up Of Corporal Jones)
Richmond Theatre
(Shooting Pains)