Series Four

Main Cast
Arthur Lowe - Captain George Mainwaring
John Le Mesurier - Sergeant Arthur Wilson
Clive Dunn - Lance Corporal Jack Jones
John Laurie - Private James Frazer
Arnold Ridley - Private Charles Godfrey
James Beck - Private Joe Walker
Ian Lavender - Private Frank Pike

Episode 27: The Big Parade     BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Friday 17/07/70
First broadcast Friday 25/09/70, 8.00-8.30pm
Captain Mainwaring decides that Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard should have a mascot to lead them on parade. But he soon discovers that trusting Private Walker to supply one was a serious error of judgment.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Janet Davies (Mrs Pike), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Colin Bean (Private Sponge) and Pamela Cundell (Mrs Fox).

Episode 28: Don't Forget the Diver     BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Friday 24/07/70
First broadcast Friday 2/10/70, 8.00-8.30pm
The Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard come up with an ingenious plan to capture Captain Square's HQ, in the windmill, which does not quite go according to plan.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Geoffrey Lumsden (Captain Square), Robert Raglan (the H.G. Sergeant), Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Don Estelle (the 2nd A.R.P. Warden) and Verne Morgan (the Landlord).

Episode 29: Boots, Boots, Boots BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Friday 31/07/70
First broadcast Friday 9/10/70, 8.00-8.30pm
The Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard are instructed in the three Fs - all of which, it seems, involve feet. So begins a gruelling programme of exercises and route marches to toughen up their metatarsals.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Janet Davies (Mrs Pike) and Erik Chitty (Mr Sedgewick).

Episode 30: Sgt. - Save My Boy!     BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Saturday 27/06/70
First broadcast Friday 16/10/70, 8.00-8.30pm
When Private Pike is trapped in a minefield, Private Godfrey risks his life to save him.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Janet Davies (Mrs Pike) and Michael Knowles (the Engineer Officer).

Episode 31: Don't Fence Me In     BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Friday 10/07/70
First broadcast Friday 23/10/70, 8.00-8.30pm
The men of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard are sent to watch over the local Italian Prisoner of War Camp.
With: Edward Evans (General Monteverdi), John Ringham (Captain Bailey) and Larry Martyn (the Italian P.O.W.).

Episode 32: Absent Friends     BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Friday 7/08/70
First broadcast Friday 30/10/70, 8.00-8.30pm
Our heroes take advantage of Captain Mainwaring's absence and undermine his authority. But Mainwaring receives help from an unexpected quarter.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Janet Davies (Mrs Pike), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), J.G. Devlin (Regan), Arthur English (the Policeman), Patrick Connor (Shamus), Verne Morgan (the Landlord), and Michael Lomax (the 2nd A.R.P. Warden).

Episode 33: Put That Light Out     BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Friday 30/10/70
First broadcast Friday 6/11/70, 8.00-8.30pm
Episode based on an idea by Harold Snoad
Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard are sent to guard the local lighthouse but end up accidentally turning the light on the town - making an inviting target for enemy planes overhead.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Avril Angers (the Telephone Operator), Stuart Sherwin (the 2nd A.R.P. Warden) and Gordon Peters (the Lighthouse Keeper).

Episode 34: The Two and a Half Feathers     BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Friday 6/11/70
First broadcast Friday 13/11/70, 8.00-8.30pm
The glorious history of Lance Corporal Jones comes under a cloud when an old comrade-in-arms dredges up their service in the Sudan.
With: Bill Pertwee (A.R.P. Warden), John Cater (Private Clarke), Wendy Richard (Edith), Queenie Watts (Edna), Gilda Perry (Doreen), Linda James (Betty), Parnell McGarry (Elizabeth) and John Ash (Raymond).

Episode 35: Mum's Army     BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Friday 13/11/70
First broadcast Friday 20/11/70, 8.00-8.30pm
Captain Mainwaring involves the ladies of the town for the local War Effort and becomes involved himself with one of their number...
With: Carmen Silvera (Mrs Gray), Janet Davies (Mrs Pike), Wendy Richard (Edith Parish), Pamela Cundell (Mrs Fox), Julia Burbury (Miss Ironside), Rosemary Faith (Ivy Samways), Melita Manger (the Waitress), David Gilchrist (the Serviceman), Eleanor Smale (Mrs Prosser), Deirdre Costello (the Buffet Attendant) and Jack Le White (the Porter).

Episode 36: The Test     BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Friday 20/11/70
First broadcast Friday 27/11/70, 8.00-8.30pm
The Wardens, with a secret weapon, challenge the Home Guard to a cricket match.
With: Bill Pertwee (A.R.P. Warden), Frank Williams (Vicar), Edward Sinclair (Verger), Don Estelle (Gerald), Harold Bennett (Mr Blewitt) and the special appearance of Freddie Trueman (E.C. Egan).

Episode 37: A. Wilson (Manager)?     BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Friday 27/11/70
First broadcast Friday 4/12/70, 8.00-8.30pm
Captain Mainwaring is left smarting when he is informed that promotion is in the air for Sergeant Wilson - both at Swallow Bank and in the Home Guard.
With: Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Janet Davies (Mrs Pike), Blake Butler (Mr West), Robert Raglan (Captain Pritchard), Arthur Brough (Mr Boyle), Colin Bean (Private Sponge) and Hugh Hastings (Private Hastings).

Episode 38: Uninvited Guests     BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Friday 4/12/70
First broadcast Friday 11/12/70, 8.00-8.30pm
After the A.R.P. Headquarters is damaged in an air raid, Hodges moves his Wardens into Mainwaring's H.Q. at the Church Hall, much to the Home Guard Platoons irritation. A battle for territory ensues which leads to a blazing climax on the roof.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Rose Hill (Mrs Cole) and Don Estelle (Gerald).
N.B. This episode was erroneously billed in Radio Times on first broadcast as Unwanted Guests.

Episode 39: Fallen Idol     BBCDVD1597
Recorded: Friday 11/12/70
First broadcast Friday 18/12/70, 8.00-8.30pm
An Officers drinking session at the weekend training school leaves Captain Mainwaring more than a little the worse for wear, only an heroic action can restore his wounded reputation.
With: Geoffrey Lumsden (Captain Square), Rex Garner (Captain Ashley-Jones), Michael Knowles (Captain Reed), Anthony Sagar (the Sergeant Major), Tom Mennard (the Mess Orderly) and Robert Raglan (Captain Pritchard).

 Episode 40: Battle of the Giants     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Sunday 19/09/71
First broadcast Monday 27/12/71, 7.00-8.00pm
Captain Mainwaring's Walmington-on-Sea Platoon take part in an initiative test against old rivals - the Eastgate Platoon. The contest is umpired by the Warden, the Vicar and the Verger.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Geoffrey Lumsden (Captain Square), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Robert Raglan (the Colonel), Charles Hill (the Sergeant), Colin Bean (Private Sponge) and Rosemary Faith (the Barmaid)
N.B. The original one hour version of Battle of the Giants was broadcast in 1993 for the first time in over a decade and again on 27/11/96, the 1986 and 1992 repeats being broadcast from a separate 2-inch master tape which had been edited to 55 minutes duration.

Series 4 Production Team

Producer : David Croft
Director : David Croft (e27,29,30 & 32), Harold Snoad (e28 & 31)
Production Assistant : Donald Clive (e27-32), Harold Snoad (e27,29,30 & 32)    Phil Bishop (e33-39)
Producer’s Assistant : Kay Johnson
Assistant Floor Manager : David Taylor (e27-32), Roger Singleton-Turner (e33-39)
Floor Assistant : Peter Fitton (e27-32), Maurice Gallagher (e33-39)
Technical Manager 1 : Howard King (e27-32), George Summers (e33-39)
Technical Manager 2 : Fred Wright (e27-32), Bob Warman (e33-39)
Sound Supervisor : John Holmes (e27,29 & 31), Mike McCarthy (e28,30,32-39)
Costume Supervisor : Barbara Kronig (e27-32), George Ward (e33-39)
Make-Up Supervisor : Cynthia Goodwin
Designer : Paul Joel
Vision Mixer : David Hillier (e27 & 28), Dave Hanks (e29-34,36,37 & 39)    Clive Doig (e35 & 38)
Visual Effects : John Friedlander (e28), Ron Oates (e28), Peter Day (e35 & 37)
Film Cameraman : Stewart A Farnell (e27-29,31,34,36,39)
Film Sound : Les Collins (e27-29,31,34,36,39)
Film Editor : Bill Harris (e27-29,31,34,36,39)