Series Three

Main Cast
Arthur Lowe - Captain George Mainwaring
John Le Mesurier - Sergeant Arthur Wilson
Clive Dunn - Lance Corporal Jack Jones
John Laurie - Private James Frazer
Arnold Ridley - Private Charles Godfrey
James Beck - Private Joe Walker
Ian Lavender - Private Frank Pike

Episode 13: The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones     BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Sunday 25/05/69
First broadcast Thursday 11/09/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which our heroes convert Jones' van into an armoured car, ambulance and troop transport.
With: Janet Davies (Mrs Pike), Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Pamela Cundell (Mrs Fox), Jean St. Clair (Miss Meadows), Nigel Hawthorne (the Angry Man), Queenie Watts (Mrs Peters), Olive Mercer (Mrs Casson), Harold Bennett (the Old Man), Dick Haydon (Raymond).

Episode 14: Battle School     BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Sunday 1/06/69
First broadcast Thursday 18/09/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which our heroes practice the art of war with live ammunition.
With: Alan Tilvern (Captain Rodrigues), Alan Haines (Major Smith), Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Derek Chaffer, Pat Gorman, Ron Hickey, Jay Neil, Anthony Powell (Soldiers).
Johnny Scripps (Stuntman)

Episode 15: The Lion Has Phones     BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Sunday 8/06/69
First broadcast Thursday 25/09/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which an enemy aircraft crash lands in the town reservoir and our heroes make the crew surrender.
With: Janet Davies (Mrs Pike), Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Avril Angers (the Telephone Operator), Timothy Carlton (Lieut. Hope Bruce), Stanley McGeagh (Sgt. Waller), Richard Jacques (Mr Cheesewright), Pamela Cundell, Bernadette Milnes, Olive Mercer (the Ladies in the Queue), Linda James (Betty), Gilda Perry (Doreen), Colin Daniels and Carson Green (Boys at reservoir), John Watters (Boy at phone box)

Episode 16: The Bullet is Not for Firing     BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Sunday 22/06/69
First broadcast Thursday 2/10/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which our heroes use up their ammunition on a passing aircraft and Captain Mainwaring calls a Court of Enquiry.
With: Janet Davies (Mrs Pike), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Tim Barrett (Captain Pringle), Michael Knowles (Captain Cutts), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Harold Bennett (Mr Blewitt), May Warden (Mrs Dowding), Fred Tomlinson, Kate Forge, Eilidh McNab, Andrew Daye, Arthur Lewis (the Choir), Tony Carpenter, Thomas McCade, Freddy Shakespeare (Boys in Choir)

Episode 17: Something Nasty in the Vault BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Sunday 15/06/69
First broadcast Thursday 9/10/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which our heroes discover an unexploded bomb in the vault of Captain Mainwaring's bank.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Robert Dorning (the Bank Inspector), Norman Mitchell (Captain Rogers) and Janet Davies (Mrs Pike), Christine Cole (ATS Girl in bank), Ewe Dewhurst (Old Woman in bank), Yvonne Armitage (Bank Ckerk).

Episode 18: Room at the Bottom B/W BBCDVD1577 (colour restored 11/2008) 
Recorded: Sunday 29/06/69
First broadcast Thursday 16/10/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which Captain Mainwaring discovers that he is not a commissioned Officer.
With: Anthony Sagar (Drill Sergeant Gregory), John Ringham (Captain Bailey), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Colin Bean (Private Sponge).

Episode 19: Big Guns BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Sunday 6/07/69
First broadcast Thursday 23/10/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which the platoon receive heavy artillery.
With: Edward Evans (Mr Rees), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Don Estelle (the Man from Pickfords), Roy Denton (Mr Bennett), Edward Western, Charles Adey-Gray, Colin Cunningham (Removal Men), Eileen Winterton, David J Grahame (Committee Members).

Episode 20: The Day the Balloon Went Up     BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Thursday 23/10/69
First broadcast Thursday 30/10/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which our heroes capture a runaway barrage balloon.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Nan Braunton (Miss Godfrey), Jennifer Browne (the W.A.A.F. Sergeant), Andrew Carr (the Operations Room Officer), Brian Nolan (RAF Officer), Christine Cole (WAAF Private), Jean Fadgrove (WAAF Corporal), Iona Macrae (WAAF Sergeant), Sandy Stein (Wing Commander), Therese McMurray (the Girl in Haystack), Kenneth Watson (the R.A.F. Officer), Vicki Lane (the Girl on Tandem), Harold Bennett (Mr Blewitt), and a fleeting appearance of Jack Haig (Gardener).
Johnny Scripps (Stuntman)

Episode 21: War Dance     BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Thursday 30/10/69
First broadcast Thursday 6/11/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which Captain Mainwaring decides to lift the morale of the troops by giving a Platoon Dance.
With: Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Janet Davies (Mrs Pike), Nan Braunton (Miss Cissy Godfrey), Olive Mercer (Mrs Yeatman), Sally Douglas (Blodwen), Vicky & Cathy Graham (Doris and Dora), Hugh Hastings (the Pianist),Michael Pullen (Drummer), Jack Whiteford (Saxophone), Eleanor Smale (Mrs Prosser), Jenny Thomas (Violet Gibbons), Joanna Lawrence, Julie Castell, Lela Ford, Mary Stewart, Mary Maxtead, Consatance Carling, Cherokee Burton (HG Girlfriends).

Episode 22: Menace from the Deep     BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Friday 7/11/69
First broadcast Thursday 13/11/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which our heroes are very nearly blown to kingdom come by a mine under the pier.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Stuart Sherwin (the 2nd A.R.P. Warden), Bill Treacher (the 1st Sailor), Larry Martyn (the 2nd Sailor).

Episode 23: Branded     BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Friday 14/11/69
First broadcast Thursday 20/11/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which the bravery of Private Godfrey is called into question.
With: Bill Pertwee (the Chief Warden), Nan Braunton (Miss Godfrey), Roger Avon (the Doctor), Stuart Sherwin (the 2nd A.R.P. Warden).

Episode 24: Man Hunt     BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Friday 21/11/69
First broadcast Thursday 27/11/69, 7.30-8.00pm
Walker makes up 10 dozen pairs but cannot remember the colour and platoon enlist a recruit with four feet.
With: Bill Pertwee (the Chief Warden), Janet Davies (Mrs Pike), Patrick Tull (the Orinitholgist), Robert Aldous (the German Pilot), Robert Moore (the Large Man), Leon Cortez (the Small Man), Olive Mercer (the Fierce Lady), Miranda Hampton (the Sexy Lady) and Bran the dog (as himself).

Episode 25: No Spring for Frazer     BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Friday 28/11/69
First broadcast Thursday 4/12/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which Frazer loses the Lewis gun butterfly spring
With: Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Harold Bennett (Mr Blewitt), Joan Cooper (Miss Baker), Ronnie Brandon (Mr Drury),Roy Hatterway, Brian John, Jay Neil, Walter Turner (Mourners at funeral).

Episode 26: Sons of the Sea     BBCDVD1577
Recorded: Friday 5/12/69
First broadcast Thursday 11/12/69, 7.30-8.00pm
In which our heroes acquire a Platoon boat.
With: Desmond Callum-Jones (Pte Hancock), Michael Bilton (Mr Maxwell), John Leeson (the 1st Soldier), Jonathan Holt (the 2nd Soldier) and Ralph Ball (the Man on Station).

Series 3 Production Team

Producer : David Croft
Director : David Croft (e13,14,16-22,24-26), Harold Snoad (e15 & 23)
Production Assistant : Jim Franklin (e15 & 16), Steve Turner (e23), Harold Snoad (e13,16-22,24-26)
Producer’s Assistant : Pat Parrish (e13-19), Kay Johnson (e20-26)
Assistant Floor Manager : Bill Harman
Floor Assistant : Paul Cole (e13-19), James Piner (e20-26)
Technical Manager 1 : Howard King
Technical Manager 2 : Derek Slee (e20), Fred Wright (e13-19,21-26)
Sound Supervisor : Mike McCarthy
Tape/Gram Operator : Pat Tugwood (e13-15), Dave Mundy (e16-19)
Costume Supervisor : Odette Barrow (e13-19), Michael Burdle (e20-26)
Make-Up Supervisor : Jan Harrison (e15-17), Cecile Hay-Arthur (e13-14,18-26)
Designer : Paul Joel (e13-19), Ray London (e20,22,24 & 26), Richard Hunt (e21,23 & 25)
Vision Mixer : Dave Hanks
Visual Effects : Peter Day (e16-18)
Film Cameraman : James Balfour (e13-15,17-20,22,25 & 26)
Film Editor : Bob Rymer (e13-15,17-20,22,25 & 26)