Series Five

Main Cast
Arthur Lowe - Captain George Mainwaring
John Le Mesurier - Sergeant Arthur Wilson
Clive Dunn - Lance Corporal Jack Jones
John Laurie - Private James Frazer
Arnold Ridley - Private Charles Godfrey
James Beck - Private Joe Walker
Ian Lavender - Private Frank Pike

Episode 41: Asleep in the Deep     BBCDVD1598
Recorded: Friday 26/05/72
First broadcast Friday 6/10/72, 8.30-9.00pm
The Platoon are trapped in an underground room at the Water Works. They happily await rescue - until a water main begins to leak.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden) and Colin Bean (Private Sponge).

Episode 42: Keep Young and Beautiful     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Friday 9/06/72
First broadcast Friday 13/10/72, 8.30-9.00pm
It is decided in parliament that some of the Home Guard veterans and the younger A.R.P wardens should change places. Mainwaring's outfit set out to thwart it with the young look.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Robert Raglan (the Colonel), James Ottaway (the 1st Member of Parliament), Charles Morgan (2nd Member of Parliament), Derek Bond (The Minister), and local Thetford man, Ron Barrell (The General).

Episode 43: A Soldier's Farewell     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Friday 2/06/72
First broadcast Friday 20/10/72, 8.30-9.00pm
Mainwaring dreams that he is Napoleon.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Robert Gillespie (Charles Boyer), Joan Savage (Greta Garbo), Colin Bean (Private Sponge) and Joy Allen (the Clippie).

Episode 44: Getting the Bird     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Friday 19/05/72
First broadcast Friday 27/10/72, 8.30-9.00pm
Walker arranges for Jones to get some off-ration pigeons, but did they come from Trafalgar Square?
With: Bill Pertwee (A.R.P. Warden), Frank Williams (Vicar), Edward Sinclair (Verger), Pamela Cundell (Mrs Fox), Olive Mercer (Mrs Yeatman), Seretta Wilson (Wren) and Alvar Lidell (the Newsreader).

Episode 45: The Desperate Drive of Corporal Jones     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Friday 16/06/72
First broadcast Friday 3/11/72, 8.30-9.00pm
Mainwaring's Platoon are sitting in a barn which is the target for some 25-pounders, only Jones knows of the danger.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Robert Raglan (the Colonel), Larry Martyn (the Signals Private) and James Taylor (the Artillery Officer).

Episode 46: If the Cap Fits...     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Friday 30/06/72
First broadcast Friday 10/11/72, 8.30-9.00pm
One way to deal with a grumbler is to let him take over - so Mainwaring tries it with Frazer.
With: Bill Pertwee (A.R.P. Warden), Campbell Singer (Major General Menzies), Robert Raglan (Colonel), Edward Sinclair (Verger), Alex McAvoy (Sergeant) and Dennis Blanch (2nd Lieutenant).

Episode 47: The King Was in his Counting House     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Friday 23/06/72
First broadcast Friday 17/11/72, 8.30-9.00pm
A bomb falls on the strong room of Mainwaring's bank. He insists that the Platoon count the money and guard it.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Wendy Richard (Shirley) and Colin Bean (Private Sponge).

Episode 48: All is Safely Gathered In     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Friday 3/11/72
First broadcast Friday 24/11/72, 8.30-9.00pm
The Platoon help a widowed lady friend of Private Godfrey to gather the harvest.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Brenda Cowling (Mrs Prentice), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (Verger), Colin Bean (Private Sponge), April Walker (Judy) and Tina Cornioli (Olive).

Episode 49: When Did You Last See Your Money?     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Friday 10/11/72
First broadcast Friday 1/12/72, 8.30-9.00pm
Jones can't remember where he put the £500 that was collected for the canteen fund, so the Platoon try to jog his memory.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Harold Bennett (Mr Blewitt) and Tony Hughes (Mr Billings).

Episode 50: Brain Versus Brawn     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Friday 17/11/72
First broadcast Friday 8/12/72, 8.30-9.00pm
The Platoon disguise themselves as Firemen during an initiative exercise, but are called on to tackle a real fire.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Robert Raglan (the Colonel), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Anthony Roye (Mr Fairbrother), Maggie Don (the Waitress), Geoffrey Hughes (the Bridge Corporal) and David Rose (the Dump Corporal).

Episode 51: A Brush with the Law     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Sunday 26/11/72
First broadcast Friday 15/12/72, 8.30-9.00pm
A light is left burning from the Church Hall, so the Chief Warden puts Mainwaring in Court.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Geoffrey Lumsden (Captain Square), Jeffrey Gardiner (Mr Wintergreen), Stuart Sherwin (the Junior Warden), Marjorie Wilde (the Lady Magistrate), Chris Gannon (the Clerk of the Court), and Toby Perkins (the Usher).

Episode 52: Round and Round Went the Great Big Wheel     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Friday 1/12/72
First broadcast Friday 22/12/72, 8.30-9.00pm
The Platoon are chosen for Special Duties during the test of a secret weapon which runs amok.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Geoffrey Chater (Colonel Pierce), Edward Underdown (Major General Sir Charles Holland), Michael Knowles (Captain Stewart), Jeffrey Segal (the Minister) and John Clegg (the Wireless Operator). 'Great Big Wheel' operated by Mr D. Harding.

Episode 53: Time On My Hands     BBCDVD1603
Recorded: Friday 8/12/72
First broadcast Friday 29/12/72, 8.30-9.00pm
An enemy pilot bails out and becomes tangled up with the town clock - and so does Mainwaring's Platoon.
With: Bill Pertwee (the A.R.P. Warden), Frank Williams (the Vicar), Edward Sinclair (the Verger), Harold Bennett (Mr Blewitt), Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Joan Cooper (Miss Fortescue), Eric Longworth (Mr Gordon) and Christopher Sandford (the German Pilot).

Series 5 Production Team

Producer : David Croft
Director : David Croft
Production Assistant : Gordon Pert
Producer’s Assistant : Kay Johnson
Assistant Floor Mgr : Peter Fitton (e41,43-53)
Floor Assistant : Richard Cox (e41-47), Paul Jackson (e48-53)
Technical Manager 1 : Howard King
Technical Manager 2 : Fred Wright (e41-47), Peter Valentine (e48-50)    Ron Bristow (e51),Ray Hider (e52 & 53)
Sound Supervisor : Mike McCarthy (e41-48), John Delany (e49-53)
Costume Supervisor : Sue Wheal
Make-Up Supervisor : Cynthia Goodwin (e41-47), Anna Chesterman (e48-53)
Designer : Paul Joel
Vision Mixer : Dave Hanks
Visual Effects : Peter Day (e41-47), Tony Harding (e50 & 53)
Film Cameraman : Stewart A Farnell (e42,43,45 & 47), James Balfour (e48,50,52 & 53)
Film Sound : Ron Blight (e42,43,45 & 47)
Film Editor : Bob Rymer (e42,47 & 48), Bill Harris (e43,45,50,52 & 53)