Dad's Army Song Lyrics

Dad's Army Songs

The Dad's Army Theme tune was penned by Jimmy Perry and Derek Taverner in 1968. 
The feel of the tune and the sentiment in the lyrics are so 'right' that many believe they are listening to a real war-time song. Bud Flanagan sang the lyrics, it was his last song recorded before he died. There have been many versions recorded at different stages, including one by Arthur Lowe.

 The 'Dad's Army Choir' produced two 7" singles. This choir consisted of the main seven members, with the addition of Hodges (Bill Pertwee) for 'We Stood Alone'. None made an impact on the British Hit Parade, although 'We Stood Alone' seemed to be played more often. The 'Dad's Army March' tune featured in the Feature Film.  
As far as we are aware they have not been included on any LP/CD or compilation release. 


When walls have ears my son 
And 'Be like dad, keep mum' 
Became the catch-phrase of the war 
We stood alone.
And when the black-out came 
While Jerry played his game 
"Oi! put that ruddy light out!" (Hodges) 
We stood alone. 
When Winnie gave his sign 
We sang the Seigreid line 
Have you any dirty washing, mother dear? 
And down our way, we said "Let'em come!" 
"They don't like it up'em, so don't panic son" (Jones) 
When the chips are down, you can always run 
Yes, we stood alone
We stood alone.

 We were the Home Guard then 
"It was shear folly men, 
But the Scottish soldier always stood alone" (Frazer) 
"Quite untrue" (Wilson) 
We looked them in the eyes 
"Sir, did you think that's wise?" (Wilson) 
"There was a war on and we British stood alone" (Mainwaring) 
Like every long haired spiv 
That's fighting hard to live 
"Like flogging rations, all around the town" (Walker) 
"We said "backs to the wall", we dare not flinch" (Mainwaring)
 ("....!!!!....") (Godfrey) 
And of course we British didn't budge an inch 
But when the war was done, well we felt the pinch 
Yes, we stood alone. 
We stood alone.
When lesser men refused 
We were the lads they used 
"Er, may I be excused?" (Godfrey) 
We stood alone 
The landgirls cheered us through 
They called us brave and true 
"But when the Yankees came to town 
We stood alone" (Walker) 
"Each time we fired our gun" (Jones) 
"I had to ask my Mum" (Pike) 
"We don't want that sort of talk, you stupid boy" (Mainwaring) 
And just like fighting rats, we went our way 
Boozing down the Naafi with old Maggie May 
She was always game to fight another day 
Yes, we stood alone 
We stood alone
"We didn't stand alone did we Uncle Arthur. 
We stood together" (Pike) 
"Take that boys name Wilson" (Mainwaring)
1972 Columbia Records DB8952 
Arranged by David Whitaker Produced by John Worth for Straight Ahead Productions 
This is by far and away the best of the Dad's Army Choir output. 

(Cameron - Dunn) 

What did you do in the war, sir? 
What did you do? 
What did you do in the war, sir? 
What was the war for you? 
We had a hell of a war, sir 
Doing what we had to do 
Standing on guard was a terrible war, sir 
England was saved by a few. 

 Oh, what a terrible war. 
You had a terrible war.    

"To keep off the Hun, they gave me a gun 
To protect my homeland with one cartridge 
I aimed very low, at what I thought was the foe 
But all that I shot was a partridge."(Mainwaring) 

Oh what ...etc 

"With terrible air-raids, we stayed up all night 
We never got into pyjamas 
And horrible things, like not enough beer 
And never a bunch of bananas."(Walker)
Oh what .... etc 
"Standing alone in a meadow at night 
When you don't know the score 
Rabbits and sheep, give you a fright I had a hell of a war"(Godfrey) 
Oh what .... etc
"One night we did hear that the Nazis were near 
But I had a cold in the head 
Mum said you're in no state to fight Nazis this late And made me hide under the bed."(Pike)
Oh what .... etc
"I'm Scottish, I'm proud to declare 
That I would repel armies teutonic and foreign
 And to stand face to face, kick them hard in the place 
Where a highlander carries his sporran."(Frazer)
Oh what .... etc
"While in charge of the men, I wrote orders by pen
Like sending the platoon with the lorry 
But my memory went wrong, and the words of this song I've completely forgot, I'm so sorry."(Wilson) 

 Oh what .... etc

"We protected the land, we protected the girls 
Our duty fulfilled, never fear. Ha ha 
We loved our dear land, and we loved all the girls
 If we hadn't, you wouldn't be here."(Jones)

We had a hell of a war 
So that's what you did in the war, sir 
That was the war for you 
That's what you did in the war, sir 
And we all thank you.
1971 Columbia Records DB8766  
Produced by Ray Cameron & Clive Dunn Arranged & Conducted by Wilfred Burns 
''B' Side of 'Dad's Army March'.  Remember 'Sing Something Simple'? Remember the type of songs they sung? Enough said! 

The 'B' Side of 'We Stood Alone' was sung by all in the style of Flanagan & Allen. It's quite a sad song, highlighting the demise of neighbourhoods after the war. 

Down Our Way (Worth)
Down our way, 
England is changing 
Down our way, 
They say, that they’re rearranging it,  
Our way. 
Friendly rows of terraced houses 
Make way for maisonettes 
And fish and chip shops overnight 
Are changing into launderettes 
And where will the kids play? 
It’s like a jungle  
Down our way. 
They say we rough and tumble it 
Our way 
When you look around, 
The changing face of every town, 
You live it again, remembering when 
Down our way…
The roundabout man who stood and cried  "a jamjar or a penny a ride!"  
Down our way. 
And Granny would sit out on the step while Jimmy ran off to place a bet  
Down our way. 
Corner pubs with beer pump handles, 
Made of shiny brass 
It won’t be long before they serve us pinters in a plastic glass 
Tomorrow’s a grey day, it’s made of concrete  
Down our way 
They say, we rough and tumble it  
Our way 
When you look around, the changing face of every town 
It makes you feel sad, 
“It wasn’t so bad…” 
Down our way… 

DAD'S ARMY MARCH (Burns-Cole) 

From the shops and farms and the Mason's Arms 
From the countryside far and near 
You will find men of every kind 
We're the Home Guard and we're here.
Anywhere we'll fight be it day or night 
On the beach or up on the moor 
Edens' war came to one and all 
So we're all prepared for war.
We are ready whether we're new boys 
Or boys of that old brigade 
To support the army, the reset navy 
The airforce, we are on parade.
If the Germans come, we will make things hum 
If they come by sea or air 
We will stand to defend our land 
For the Home Guard we'll be there.
1971 Columbia Records DB8766 
Produced by Ray Cameron & Clive Dunn Arranged & Conducted by Wilfred Burns 
This one is good fun and will have you whistling it days after! 

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Hitler? (Perry - Taverner) 

Who do you think you are kidding Mister Hitler 
If you think we're on the run? 
We are the boys who will stop your little game. 
We are the boys who will make you think again. 
'Cause who do you think you are kidding Mister Hitler If you think old England's done?
Mister Brown goes off to town on the eight twenty-one 
But he comes home each evening 
And he's ready with his gun. 
So watch out Mister Hitler you have met your match in us 
If you think you you can crush us 
We're afraid you've missed the bus.
'Cause who do you think you are kidding Mister Hitler 
If you think old England's done. 

The verse in italics is not included at the start of each episode.