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Guided Walking Tour of Locations - Thetford
Saturday 11 May 2024
Departs at 1pm from the Captain Mainwaring Statue

This walking tour is open to all to attend.
Your guides will be Tony Pritchard and Paul Carpenter,  authors of the Dad's Army Companion and between them run the DAAS.
Thetford was used as the background for a number of episodes, and these locations are all within a short distance. It is an easy, level walk.
The tour will last apx 90mins and is FREE

New DVD (released on 27 November)

Dad's Army, The Missing Episodes contains the following new material:
    A previously unreleased restoration of a classic 1969 colour episode, 'Room at the Bottom', introduced by Ian Lavender
    A new making-of documentary on the production of the new animated episodes
    A deleted scene from 1969
    Original BBC1 archive continuity
    Image galleries
    Interviews and previously unreleased archive footage
The new animated episodes are 'The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker', 'Under Fire', 1968 Christmas Special (Santa on Patrol) and the 1970 Christmas Special (The Cornish Floral Dance ). These are joined by 'A Stripe for Frazer', which has already been available since 2016.
The new animated episodes have been created by the same company as the 2016 episode and use the original cast recordings from the radio versions, (enhanced where required by Dad's Army Radio Hour's David Benson and Jack Lane). Luckily the Christmas Specials benefit from audio recordings of the original televison versions.

Dad's Army Radio Show 2024 Tour

The nation’s favourite sitcom returns! David Benson and Jack Lane are delighted to head out on the road with three new episodes. Two actors, two microphones, over twenty-five characters – and lots of sound effects! 
The Dad’s Army Radio Show brings Perry and Croft’s classic BBC comedy to life in this highly acclaimed stage production. Three episodes of the popular sitcom – adapted for radio for the very first time – are hilariously and lovingly enacted on stage by two master performers, complete with sound effects, vintage music and all your favourite Perry and Croft characters and catchphrases. 
The original television episodes newly minted for The Dad’s Army Radio Show national tour 2024 are:
The Love of Three Oranges
The Miser’s Hoard
The Making of Private Pike

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Live recordings available on CD or to download.
Three previously toured episodes are available through Big Finish;
When You've Got To Go
My Brother and I
Never Too Old

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